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Why you might be doing "all the right things" - without results.

As social creatures, we easily catch on to current fads and trends which the masses are flocking around. Quickly, something becomes the ultimate health cure. Or the ultimate bio-hack key to success, productivity, or whatever it might be that we're aspiring to.

Not many of us consider that we potentially each need something different based on who we are, based on our unique bio-individuality, which means that we all have unique minds, unique genetics, life experiences and circumstances that have shaped us and therefore inform what is our medicine and what might just be our poison.

This concept is the essence of taking a root cause approach. Not only to our health and well-being but to life itself.

We each are here to fulfil different contracts, to embody a different dharma, or purpose, and to find our own way that is completely unique to us. This really means what works for one person, does not necessarily work for another, and that when we look outside of ourselves, external guidance is very unlikely to point us in the direction or towards the wisdom that we really need, because our own personal wisdom and guidance is hidden inside of us. Both, on a cellular level in our bodies and on a soul level.

In order to access this wisdom, we need to deeply reconnect with ourselves, with our bodies and get to know its own workings, its own unique rhythm, like our unique heartbeat, like our unique fingerprints.

This cannot be done by reading a book, or by doing what someone else is doing, or following all those health trends that are out there and eating turmeric and spinach just because it's commonly been seen as the new health hack.

The same goes for enhancing our creativity, clarity, efficiency or sharpening our intuition.

The only way in which we can accomplish this long term and sustainably is by building that literal and metaphysical “muscle memory” of first noticing, and over time understanding our body’s and being’s signs and signals that really are messengers to what is going on inside.

As we grow to understand them deeper, they give us clear cues of how to return to our own equilibrium and re-calibrate ourselves back into balance and our optimal baseline state of ease and flow. This “muscle memory” can only be gained through practical embodying and experiencing. It takes practice to listen inside again, and the more we do it, the more we attune to the subtleties of these clues and signals that come through.

When speaking of ‘body and being’ or ‘our being’, what I'm referring to is the totality of our expression: signs and symptoms that we're noticing in our body, in our energy and our emotional field, and in our mental state. The entirety of our being and our expression is literally a barometer of our soul and essence.

We are literally the conscious creators of our lives.

Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you. And we each have a massive part in co-creating our reality.

In fact, we are the protagonist and creator of it.

So, it is not only our birthright but our duty to take that responsibility of creating internal harmony and wholeness to really reconnect with our entire being and therefore be able to live in alignment and make aligned moves that drive the needle forward while we are feeling in ease and flow and truly thrive.

The truth is that if we continuously outsource our healing, our wisdom, our guidance and heavily rely on other people around us to heal, direct and work us out (instead of us understanding & being connected to ourselves), we become unable to access our own inner guidance and wisdom and make moves into the direction that is right for us from a place of confidence and clarity.

Instead, we might cultivate deeply seated doubt of and distrust in ourselves, overwhelm, or even constant worry that can turn into fear about what might be best for us, what's best for our bodies, and we start to rely heavily on external sources.

With this, I'm not saying to never get help. Of course! - again, we are social creatures. We do need each other to truly thrive.

However, if we rely and trust external sources more than we trust and rely on ourselves, our body’s innate intelligence and self-healing mechanism and what we already have inside, then we give our power away.

And this, over time, can have serious repercussions of feeling mediocre in our bodies, in our holistic health and wellbeing. We may come down with chronic symptoms and ailments as well as having our mental and emotional health being average, or less.

To truly make a positive difference in the world, we need to make a positive difference within ourselves first - and that starts with taking responsibility for our own healing, our own wholeness and re-empowering ourselves from within, by connecting to our inner wisdom or inner guidance and take control of our wellbeing and our lives.

With the side effect of that when we return back to this place of clarity, of knowing, of groundedness, of being deeply anchored in our centre and having our channels - bodily channels and energetic channels - purified and clear, we are able to move forward with clarity, trust and move the needle in a meaningful way.

girl amongst flowers, finding radiance & balance within through Ayurveda

Experience a Profound Shift in Elevating Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

This is exactly why I've created our Living In Sync Ayurvedic seasonal living and detox journey, which is one of the most simple, yet profound, and easily accessible pathways of returning back into that state of equilibrium, clarity, radiance and being anchored in your centre.

In this five-week self-paced online journey, you have the opportunity to experience immediate and profound results in elevating your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through learning how to actually live Ayurvedic wisdom, move with nature’s circadian rhythms by living with the cycles,

while going through a gentle guided Ayurvedic Seasonal detox that wipes the slate clean, removes toxins from your body and being, and brings you back into your centre. Without having to fast, deprive yourself of food or follow rigid regimes or practises that leave you feeling more depleted and stressed out than you did at the start.

If you are ready to truly elevate your holistic state and take your rightful seat as the change maker that you are, walking the talk - check out our Living In Sync online journey here.

Intakes open every autumn and every spring. So – now is time!

If you've enjoyed this topic and you'd like to listen to a little bit more on why we might be doing “all the right things” wrong - check out the below podcast episode.

If you're looking for guided and tailored one one-on-one support via Ayurveda Consultations and packages - book your session with Lena here.

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