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Living Ayurveda Retreats

creating inner and outer harmony

through reconnecting to our nature and innate wisdom

Living Ayurveda Retreat

May 24-27th

October 18-21
Shambala Margaret River

Unplug and take a sacred pause to reconnect to your self, nourish your soul and return into ease and flow as your baseline state walking through life.

Living Ayurveda Retreats at Shambala Margaret River are a nourishing invitation to exhale and reconnect, deeply and intimately, with your body, being and unique nature, and access your innate wisdom and guidance within. These safely and intentionally held containers in nature offer you a visceral experience of inner harmony and how life can feel when meeting it from your centre - a calm, clear and balanced place, - an open heart, and feet rooted firmly in the earth.


the art of thriving.

Ayurveda is the science and art of life and accessing human potential, which centers around cultivating balance, as well as true joy and pleasure through conscious living in synergy with nature’s rhythms and embodied presence.


It presents a way of life, shared via timeless and time-proven wisdom that does not only form the root of our modern medicine systems but is a remembering of our own true nature and birthright – thriving. Which is accessible to everyone.


All we need to remember, is the willingness to look inside and become present, just as we are.

The intention of our Retreats is to be living Ayurveda - to embody energetics and natural law to forge a tailored-to-us pathway to our own personal thriving, based on our bio-individuality: the very unique make-up and requirements of each of us as individuals, that's the reason behind a thing being medicine for one, and poison for another being.


Ayurveda understands that there are no cookie-cutter silver bullets applicable to everyone and rather specializes in providing a practical, intuitive avenue of self-healing and self-empowerment to folks, by reconnecting them with their body's innate intelligence.


Curious to learn more about Ayurveda to see if it resonates? Our Ayurveda page & free mini course is a good place to start.

What’s inside of this nourishing reset experience …

The Retreat is centered around embodying Ayurvedic wisdom through food, lifestyle, selfcare based on energetics, in unison with nature, and recalibrating inner balance and holistic well-being through wholesome and life-enhancing practices and rituals, food medicine, grounding nature connection, creativity, self-inquiry, sacred pauses and rejuvenating you-time.


Expect three days and nights of an intuitive weaving of…

✔ daily Ayurvedic wisdom circles, discourse & transmissions

✔ daily Ayurvedic yoga therapy, intuitive movement & dance medicine

✔ daily hands-on food-as-medicine workshops and learning Ayurvedic cooking

✔ daily creative integration sessions (art journalling workshops, etc)

✔ nature walks

✔ daily fire ceremony

✔ sound bath and shamanic energy balance

dinarcharya (daily regime) rituals

✔ plenty of space to just be, rest and reflect



Included in the experience are, of course:

✔ Accommodation in the Shambala Meeting House, including
    organic cotton bedding and towels

✔ Fully catered organic/spray-free vegetarian wholefood meals
    (starting with dinner on the first night and ending with lunch on the last day)

✔ All-day organic tea & fruit station

✔ An Ayurvedic self-care gift bag :)

✔ A post-retreat integration group call


✔ Exclusive access to discounted 1:1 Ayurvedic shamanic healing sessions & and packages with Lena (optional add-on)

intentional design

Since Ayurveda is a nature-based science, we cycle with nature’s different seasons. Hence, each retreat is seasonal, as well as informed by the groups’ energetics and needs and thereby no two retreats are ever the same.

In order to make the container most impactful and experiential for each group, we ask each participant to go through our free Ayurveda Foundations Mini-Course prior to the retreat – which also explores your unique mind-body constitution and sets the stage for Ayurvedic self-inquiry – as well as a personal intake form as part of the booking process, so we can tailor workshop topics to the group.

Our Ayurveda Retreats are intentionally designed

for you to:

​➔ digest life optimally and cultivate ease and flow

➔ connect deeply and intimately to your body, being, nature and life itself

➔ Build a holistic toolkit to return to your centre & balance, no matter what life throws at you

➔ Bring sacredness and devotion into your daily life and spark your intuition & inner guidance

➔ Increase your vitality, energy, radiance and life force

➔ Cultivate deeper calm and clarity through embodied presence

➔ Awaken your sensuality, pleasure and joy


The 3-night retreat is intended as a reset cocoon, long enough to truly unwind the nervous system, relax and decondition, yet compact enough to be frequented whenever one needs a nourishing break from daily life demands that allows to clear the slate and return into one’s inner centre.

For a powerful healing calibration that caters for letting go of limiting and cultivating positive, life-affirming habits lastingly with simple yet profound Ayurvedic wisdom and holistic detox, email us about our 7-day retreat immersions commencing in autumn 2024.

the vibe of living Ayurveda ...

A deep, long exhale that allows all tension to melt away

and your body to unwind.

A home-coming of your soul to its own ancient roots,

a reassuring return to what its always known, burried inside.

A safe, relaxed and grounded cocoon woven of natural surroundings, bird song, a gentle breeze through rustling trees,

heart-centred encounters with like-minded beings on a similar path,

Ayurvedic wisdom, nourishing food and wholesome activities and stillness. 

An intuitive flow of soul-nurturance birthing calm, clarity and centredness,

an unplugging, that plugs you straight back into 

our Ayurveda cocoon feels a little like this ...

Sensual Selfcare...


... filling your cup with quality moments ...

DSC03351 (1).jpg

... preparing & indulging in nourishing

wholefoods ...

... and like this ...

... shamanic sound immersions & restful spaces ...


... movement medicine & body connection ...

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-13 at 18.45.39_0d31694e.jpg

...creativity & art integration.

and so much more.

Booking Instructions


  • Meeting House Accommodation (shared): $1497, or 3x  monthly payments of $515

  • Camping (BYO Set-Up): $1247, or 3x payments of $433

Included: 3 nights accommodation, 4 days retreat, all meals

Step 1: Fill out the application form via the mustard button.

Step 2: Secure your spot with a payment.

- Credit card/PayPal for both full payment and payment plan options via the green buttons. Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer following the instructions below:


Bank Transfer Details:
Earth Medicine Co
BSB 313-140
Acc 12367007

Bank Australia

Email receipt and name to 

Refer to our liability and cancellation policy and T&Cs here.

Our Retreat Venue - Shambala Margaret River

Shambala is nestled on 120 acres of natural bush and field, located 18 minutes northeast of Margaret River. Experience the peaceful serenity of this incredible slice of paradise in our eco-conscious retreat center, consisting of the iconic octagon-shaped rammed-earth "den" that is the Meeting House and our 90 sqm+ yoga shala and its natural surroundings of forest. 

The Meeting House is an open-plan architectural design that sleeps up to 12 people on its upstairs mezzanine floor in twin-style sleeping alcoves divided by timber "sliding walls". It has been built with the intention of bringing people together and meet themselves and each other, held safely in nature. You can learn more about the meeting house and retreat center here.

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