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Hormone & Moon Time Tea

80grams in biodegradable bag

Cycle Soothing, hormone balancing blend


This Ayurvedic herbal tea blend has a special affinity for the reproductive system, containing potent anti-spasmodic, demulcent, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, adaptogenic, antioxidant and rejuvenating herbs. It can assist with soothing menstrual cramps and discomfort, hormone balance, regulation of menses (regularity and flow), manage stress, relax the nervous system and muscles, cleanse the blood, revitalise reproductive tissues and support ojas (vigour), promote fertility and reproductive health and ease PMS symptoms.

Ingredients: raspberry leaf*, rose*, shatavari*, safflower*, turmeric*, hibiscus*, ashwagandha


Learn more about our moon time tea & why our teas ain't just teas but true medicine in form or a delicious cuppa in this little video here


this PMS & Moon Time Tea has a beautiful fruity-flowery taste and special affinity for:

🌸your reproductive system

🌸 your endocrine system (hormones)

🌸your urinary system

and with its adaptogenic, carminative, anti inflammatory, nervine, aphrodisiac and balancing herbs is a beautiful supplement for everything pelvic floor, womb and hormone related.


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Small batch production. Fresh batches may be made to order. If out of stock, inquire via email (see footer or bottom of shop page).


Book in for an Ayurvedic Holistic Health & Empowerment Consultation with me (Lena) here to learn how to best nourish your unique body and mind for optimal balance.


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PMS & Moon Time Tea

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