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Nourishing Nervine Tincture


Assisting with removing excess Vata from the body and mind, relaxing the nervous system, calming the mind, grounding the soul and promotes sound & good quality sleep. May assist with anxiety, stress, insomnia, nervousness, 'scatteredness', restlessness, overwhelm with adaptogenic nervine herbs and brain tonics. 


Ingredients: Ashwagandha*, Fennel, Shatavari*, Manjista*, Tulsi*, Brahmi*, Lemon Balm*, Guduchi*, Dashamula*, Ajwain*   *certified organic



Use 1-2 droppers full once or twice daily depending on the state of (im-)balance. 
Use at night time before bed to improve sleep. 



Small batch production. Fresh batches may be made to order. If out of stock, inquire via email.


These are general guidelines and Ayurveda suggests that no one size fits all at any given time. Please consult with your physician or healthcare practitioner before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle, diet or medications or book in for an Ayurvedic Health Coaching Consultation with me, Lena, to learn how to best nourish your unique body and mind for optimal balance.

Nourishing Nervine Tincture

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