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Surf Zinc Sunblock
Natural chemical free and handmade surf zinc sunblock

Ingredients: organic raw cacao butter, organic raw southwest beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil, organic virgin southwest olive oil, organic cacao butter, yellow and red clay, non nano zinc oxide


Size: 50ml tin (80g)

WARNING: this is a natural product with an ESTIMATED SPF (not laboratory tested) of 30. Still, since it is chemical and additive free, handmade and fully natural, there is no guarantee of the product preventing the sun’s effects on the skin, nor does it block out the sun fully. Due to beeswax content, the product is water resistant, yet I’d recommend to re-apply approx. every 1.5-2hrs, especially when being in sun exposure around midday or spending hours in the water.

Blessings and happy days


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From Australia

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Natural Zinc Sunblock


    This is a 100% natural, chemical, additive and preservative free, and locally handmade product. Natural products may differ in colour, texture and consistency or separate at time. If separated, simply shake them up or slightly warm & stir to recombine. Store out of direct sunlight, as natural oils and butters can be light and temperature sensitive. Therefore, a product might harden in colder temperatures – it will soften when getting in contact with your skin.
    Most NewWaveBodycare products contain essential oils – be aware of any allergies you might have towards essential oils.
    Cruelty free and predominantly vegan - apart from beeswax: used beeswax raw and local from happy southwest bees. Most ingredients are organic &local/Australian. Approx. shelf life: 12 months.

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