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liver detox, tissue toning, blood cleansing with some rejuvenation compounds.


Organic Liver Loving Herbs – 100 Capsules


Some of Ayurveda’s most famous and affective herbs detoxying, tonifying and nourishing the liver. Assisting the body’s detox function, assists in reducing ama, removing excess pitta heat from the system and body; optimize body health and function. Emotionally, supporting and cleansing the liver assists in processing and releasing heated emotions, such as supressed anger and frustration.


Contraindications: during menstruation, pregnancy, if trying to conceive and you are past ovulation phase of your current cycle


Ingredients: 100 capsules, each contains: bhumiamalaki*, amalaki*, turmeric*, barberry*, guduchi*, liquorice*, manjistha*
* cert. organic



These are general guidelines and Ayurveda suggests that no one size fits all at any given time. Please consult with your physician or healthcare practitioner before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle, diet or medications or book in for an Ayurvedic Health & Empowerment Consultation at to learn how to best nourish your unique body and mind for optimal balance.

Liver Loving Herbs - 100 Capsules

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