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Gua Sha is a unique natural therapy practice derived from ancient Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The gua sha is a smooth-edged instruments (Jade quartz flat) which is used on the skin in a scraping style stimulating the skin with short and long strokes, while the jade roller is massaged over the skin. 

The Gua Sha is generally used on the back, neck, hips, buttocks but can be used anywhere else, while the roller is more so used for fascial and scalp treatment (but also works amazingly on the neck and other regions!)


The Gua Sha is intended to access and release stagnant energy in the body (chi/prana) which often causes of inflammation or chronic pain, tightness and tension. Stimulating, scraping and rubbing the surface of the skin may help break up the stagnant energy in the area (which often has to do with the fascia), reduce inflammation, increase the flow of prana/chi through the tissues and all cells and promote healing. 


Both Gua Sha instruments increase circulation and may promote several benefits, such as:


R O L L E R   B E N E F I T S  (Scalp & Face)

- improved circulation 

- reduces/shrinks large pores

- relaxes fascial muscles, scalp and jaw,

- encourages lymphatic drainage improving the skins natural detoxification process

- thereby can assist in clearing the skin & increase its glow & complexion

- also promotes toning and lifting of skin through toxin removal 

- natural cooling sensation reduces inflammation, puffiness, relaxes skin

- therefore also a great stress-relieving tool


G U A   S H A    B E N E F I T S 

- essentially all of the above

- muscle and joint pain, e.g. tendon strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain

- reduces inflammation

- can improve immunity 

- may assist muscle recovery in athletes 

- may help (chronic) migraine headaches, neck pain and tension (also postural/ from computer work back/neck/shoulder tension)

- may relieve perimenopausal symptoms (insomnia, irregular periods, anxiety, fatigue, hot flashes)

- breast engorgement 



Scraping with a Gua Sha instrument (not with the roller as it only applies a gentle massaging pressure) can cause little red to purple bruises in the treated areas: this is because the scraping action causes capillaries (tiny blood vessels) of the skin to burst, which may assist in improving the circulation in that area and promote recovery and create a response in the body that may assist in breaking up scar tissue. 


Counter indications: 

"Gua sha is not suitable for everybody. People who should not have gua sha include those:

  • who have medical conditions affecting the skin or veins
  • who bleed easily
  • who take medication to thin their blood
  • who have deep vein thrombosis
  • who have an infection, tumour, or wound that has not healed fully
  • who have an implant, such as a pacemaker or internal defibrillator"



Jade Crystal Roller & Gua Sha Set

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