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handmade cleansing bundle

Western Australian native plants smudge stick, including tea tree, salt bush, eucalyptus, peppi harvested with the moons, 

plus three raw crystals - rose quartz, West Australian citrine/quartz, West Australian amethyst 


Did you know that nature's gifts of your closest lands and environments are the most potent (rather than shipping tumbled and processed crystals or white sage around the globe)? This is because you are attuned to the land you reside on. 'Things are in season for a reason' and nature provides for us with intent and purpose. 


Energetic cleansing with nature's gifts is a potent practice for protecting your aura, repelling negative energy, elevating your spirit and supporting your manifestation ability. 
Not only has cleansing esoteric purposes though, but it has been used by ancient shamans and tribal healers for millenia and has been shown to also have a positive effect on mental and physical health. 




These bundles may be made to order.
When in stock, 3-5 business days handling time. 

Cleansing Bundle

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