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To purify our system and being regularly and consistently is foundational to our growth and expansion into our Highest Self. In Ayurvedic medicine, everything is looked at through a holistic leanse - meaning that everything is interconnected, body mind and soul.


This Ayurvedic Cleanse & Detox bundle is your herbal and selfcare allie for exactly that - whether for a reset during seasonal transitions or to support your liver and detox your system throughout the year. 

This bundle has a special affinity for assisting you in cleansing all dhatus, or tissue layers, of your body, detoxify, tone and nourish your blood, GI tract and liver. 

Did you know that even oleation practices such as abhyanga, which are so nourishing, still have also a cleansing effect? Because it helps to get your lymph moving and hydrates channels and tissues enough for ama, waste products, to move into, through and out of the blood stream and be eliminated. (You can learn more about Abhyanga practice in this IGTV video here.)


Listen to this Episode of the State of Flow Podcast on #043 Holistic Detox, Empowerment and Finding Your Dharma


Included in this pack are:



More resources: 



More details to come soon :)



Small batch production. Fresh batches may be made to order. If out of stock, inquire via email (see footer or bottom of shop page).

Book in for an Ayurvedic Health Consultation with me (Lena) here to learn how to best nourish your unique body and mind for optimal balance.

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Ayurvedic Cleanse & Detox Bundle

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