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Devoted to helping soul-led changemakers
reconnect to their nature

so they can 
feel alive in their bodies,
calm their minds and centered in their beings

to truly thrive and take aligned action that is moving the needle.


It’s like I’ve been thirsty and you are providing water to drink.

Super grateful... you are a powerhouse of knowledge and have such a wonderful way of translating to such a tangible way.

I don’t think you realise how much this work means to me and how much it helps me, Lena.
The amount of self-love and acceptance that is created through it is just amazing and how we have improved things that have been there for sooo long in only two sessions just absolutely amazes me! Thank you for showing me my tools!”


Are you ready to detox from self-sabotage, chronic symptoms & feeling mediocre;

return to wholeness and inner harmony to activate your full potential and

live, love, and lead, authentically, in your ease and flow?

Guided Embodiment & Sound .mp3s

An hour+ of guided embodiment ceremony and sound journey for you to keep and immerse into in your own space and time. Quality audio.

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For any questions regarding working with Lena or attending any of her offerings, get in touch with her here.


Learn more about Shambala and Earth Medicine Co, its' mission and offerings on our website

With blessings & and from our hearts,

lena & ands
and the Shambala team X

Shambala Retreat Centre & Venue Hire

Hire our Shambala Retreat Centre for your own retreat or conscious gathering.

(Hourly/day hire of the center or Yoga Shala/Meeting House individually is possible throughout the week. Generally, Weekends are reserved for overnight bookings.)

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