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welcome to Shambala

Shambala is a hub for awakening the human potential, living in harmony with nature

- our own and the mother around us- and each other, 

It is a place for deep, profound connection,  healing, expansion,
and rediscovering the joy of pure and true LIVING. 

What we are creating is a space to anchor in the new earth and its inhabitants,

through conscious events, retreats, play, 

highest quality spiritual teachings and wisdom, holistic medicine and healing,

music and art, permaculture and living off and with the land, 

community, natural living and so much more.

Shambala is nestled on close to 120 acres that are home to some of the oldest untouched heritage virgin forest in the Southwest; bordering right onto state forest and its Bramley river and Canebreak pool, and is sufficiently organising itself with rainwater, semi-off grid power, sustainable builds on land designed on permaculture principles.

We invite you for mindful stays with loved ones at the Meeting house or in our glamping bell tents, facilitate your own magic on this land as your venue, get blissed out in our Yoga Shala or attend one of our soul-nourishing, healing and transformative holistic retreats and events. 

And in all honesty - we cannot even fathom or put into words yet, and maybe ever, to give you an insight into the vision, the land and its energy.

All I know is, that we would love to share the process with you as Shambala grows and expands. So I invite you to follow along on Instagram to be part of the journey:

Follow us at @shambala_margaretriver on Instagram to tag along with the vision and space that is unfolding.

If you feel like sharing what we are up to with those in your life who would resonate - this would be a massive help and we would so appreciate it.

With love,


Lena & Andy, and the Shambala Family

Lena & Andy, and the Shambala Family

follow along on Instagram

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