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exhale, nourish, heal, empower.

Holistic Therapies & Healing Sessions
at Shambala

holistic therapies, consults, private sessions+

Find any currently regular holistic healing & wellbeing offerings.

Book a private group class or workshop, or you tailored 1:1 Embodied Healing & Empowerment Session, Ayurvedic consult or integrative bodywork bliss below.

P.S.: more offerings in the realms of holistic health & healing, creative art therapy, nature connection & relating, mindfulness, spirituality, permaculture, deep ecology, creativity and generally accessing expanded human potential are coming.

We specialise in custom and tailored-to-your-needs offerings within these realms, which means that not all we are able to offer you is listed as a generic service. So, if you have a desire and feel that we may be the ones to make it happen with you - please reach out via the email below.


Learn more about Lena Kaliyah, our primary teacher and in-house practitioner and co-founder of Shambala here.

To enquire about any of our offerings & sessions, you can email

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Looking for more individualised and in-depth support? 


Our Mentorship options with Lena might be what you are looking for. Learn more here.


in-Person Sessions in our Farmhouse Healing Space

with Annalena Kaliyah

in-Person Healing Sessios

Energetic Shamanic Bodywork Healings

Soma Healing

with Lena Kaliyah

in person at Shambala Margaret River

Shamanic Bodywork
Online Sessions

with Annalena Kaliyah

Online Sessions
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