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Shambala is a Sacred nature & holistic healing Sanctuary and a safe place to come home to your Self.


Join us for one of our holistic and integrative events, ceremonies and retreats including shamanic and nature-based medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, creative art therapy, sun festival and moon ceremonies, massage & bodywork, permaculture, creative expression, conscious connection, relaxation and mindfulness and much more.

Find upcoming events below.

UPDATE (Jan '23): other than our quarterly Solstice & Equinox celebrations & ceremonies, we are currently laying low on events while we focus on the rebuild of our yoga shala and other aspects of Shambala. There will be pop-up full moon ceremonies and integrative yoga sessions again soon, tho we don't have an ETA yet.


If you'd like to stay in the know of when things come up - join our email list (via the footer of this website) and, specifically for in-person local pop-ups events and happenings, join our Telegram group. X

book any & all upcoming events and experiences below

Regular Classes at Shambala

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Full Moon Events & Elemental Movement Journeys
EMM Jan 2022 Full Moon SML lighter.png

We are gathering again for the full moon ... to move, dance, celebrate and recalibrate energy in her light, grounded on the Earth.

Join us ❤


Our body is our temple
and the gateway to the more subtle aspects of ourselves.
It is through the body that we release, heal, reset and feel.

Join us as we reconnect with our bodies, beings, each other and the nature around us under the full moon and amongst trees on the Sacred land of Shambala.

We will be dancing, moving and gathering under the open sky on the earth, please ensure to bring warm clothing, cozy things to sit and then lay on in Savasana and during the sound journey.


come as you are, leave embodied and renewed.

This movement journey is about grounding back into our bodies, free and authentic expression, listening INSIDE and circulating our energy.
You are invited to move or find stillness as your Being needs.

Next event dates coming soon.

Equinox and Solstice Celebrations & Ceremonies
FB event SMALL.png

imagine a society in which we didn't oblige to commercialized, materialistic holidays, too preoccupied with the hamster wheel of modern society to genuinely feel and cherish our times.

But one, in which we lived in sync with mother nature and the environments around us, collectively.

One in which we gathered with our local communities on the Old Day,
the sun (fun) & fire festivals,
to celebrate what the new seasons are bringing us,
acknowledge the cyclic nature of our lives circling round and round nature's changes
and therefore harnessed the powers and magnetism of this way of life?
Oh, it is coming again.

Join us for our quarterly solstice and equinox celebrations and ceremonies here at Shambala. Every March, June, September and December.

We are looking forward to turning the wheel with you.

How other's enjoyed these events so far:

"Thank you so much for last night, it was magic! You guys did such a great job! Your offerings have been helping me immensely work through my post natal depression and am looking forward to the full moon! Lots of love to you both xoxo" - Rhiannon

"Thank you Lena, it was beautiful yesterday and very well run.
You and Andy combine beautifully."
🌝❤️🙏 - Dan Anderson

"Dear Lena, thank you so much for opening your hearts and home for the Celebration on Sunday - it was a beautiful afternoon/evening.  I was particularly nervous to come - not knowing you or anyone and I'm so glad I did!

To be welcomed so warmly by yourself and Andy just helped me to relax and be present in the beautiful space you both created :-)

It was all so amazing - the circle, the music and the magical offerings for the entire celebration were perfect - right down to the most delicious meal at the end :-) thank you, thankyou.

I certainly was able to connect and release some deeper level fear that had been sitting in my gut - my whole life has turned upside down very quickly in the past few months and I'm sure there is more to come, but happy to be hear and take one beautiful, light filled day as it comes.

Blessings to you dear Lena and to Andy too.

With love & light
(ps - I've booked a massage for tomorrow - look forward to seeing you then :-) )"

- Anne-Marie B.

"‘We recently attended the Summer Solstice event at Lena and Andy’s house and left with our hearts cracked right open. The way Lena guided us through meditation and explained what was happening collectively left us in awe of her magic and knowledge whilst Andy played the guitar and guided us musically. This duo are so in sync on many levels and that was only a small part of the beautiful event. Thanks so much to you both for your time and effort in your warm welcoming home. We can’t wait to do it again’ ❤️❤️❤️"
-  Morgan B

"I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me bring Olivine to the super special summer solstice celebration, we had such a good time and we just loved to be around your magical vibe and beautiful energy. Is there nothing that you can't do?! You and Andy sure do make a lovely team, just beautiful.

Lots of love and thank you again for everything."

- Eloise V.

"Thank you beautiful. That was amazing. Feeling high! So light. Such a fabulous, heartfelt, real, moving, uplifting ceremony. 🧡🌈🧡🌈🧡🌈🧡🌈🧡" - Louise B.

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