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Wellness Services

Below you can find a selection of available add-on services we can provide to bring even more comfort, quality, nourishment, depth & meaning and ease to your time

here at Shambala.

please note, services are subject to availability,

and our offerings are not limited to the below listed. 

If there is anything you desire which you cannot find below or elsewhere on our page - never hesitate to get in touch and ask!

Our intention is to make a retreat experience that will anchor you back into your body and being and opens you to wholeness, joy and connection easily accessible to you.


This is why we offer tailored-to-you wellness experiences to add onto your stay and easily design your personal retreat amongst the trees.

With our qualified practitioners and Shambala family members you can opt in for experiences such as group wellbeing workshops & transmissions, ceremonies (e.g. cacao ceremony with sound healing, a Soma Ceremony connecting to and honouring our bodies or a rite of passage) or integrative movement classes (e.g. yoga, embodiment, movement & dance journeys); book in for 1:1 sacred bodywork or shamanic healing sessions, intuitive counselling or Ayurvedic health consults, join us in art therapy session or a mindful nature-connection walk through our beautiful forest and fields.



  1. grab a bunch of loved ones and hire out the Meeting House for a few nights.

  2. Add on your favourite wellness offerings, food medicine, holistic therapies, creative or nature connection time. (Simply add your wishes to your hire/booking request)

  3. unwind and relax as the sacred land of Shambala holds you and breathe in every moment fully

  4. leave rejuvenated with a full cup, open heart & grounded in your body.


For any and all questions or special requests - reach out to us via the button above or email



Wholefood Catering

Our in-house catering team from Mana Juice Co provide you with delicious and tailored to your needs wholefood meals, platters and more. Having lived in and been impacted by Indonesian culture a lot, their food style is beautifully Balinese-influenced.

In case of unavailability and for special occasions, we also offer Ayurvedic food nourishment, directed or prepared by our Ayurvedic head-facilitator and co-founder Lena Kaliyah. 

Food is medicine. We use high-quality local, spray-free/organic ingredients and seasonal produce to prepare lifeforce-loaded nourishment that adds to your quality of life, not takes from it.


Holistic Healing & Wellness Offerings

with qualified practitioners, including integrative yoga classes, Ayurvedic consultations and workshops, meditation, pranayama, sound bath, holistic life coaching and mindfulness sessions, creative art therapy workshops, aroma therapy, sacred bodywork, energy balance and more.

Lena Kaliyah being our head-practitioner, you can learn more about her here.

Get in touch for special requests and group sessions tailored to your needs.

Explore and book in your private 1:1 session here.


Sacred Ceremonies

A Ceremony is an intentional Sacred space of honouring - perhaps we want to celebrate a life transition, a special event or occasion, a change in season or tap into the amplified energies of an astrological event or personal rite, maybe we want to conduct a ceremony to honour our body temple, Self or manifest something via ritual, such as an outcome or situation, or more love, strength or courage in our lives.

Whatever it is for you, we are here to help you make it special and meaningful. 
Lena Kaliyah has been holding and guiding full moon, women's, sun feast and mother blessings and many other ceremonies for years and is a trusted, compassionate ally to help you create yours. 

Inquire within and let's chat.


Herbal Apothecary

Shambala is the home of our Ayurvedic Herbal Apothecary - Earth Medicine Herbals is a natural, herbal Ayurvedic apothecary creating small-batch organic, homegrown or wildcrafted herbal medicinal remedies and selfcare products designed to be powerful allies in the holistic and integrative healing and recalibration of individuals and thereby assists in the collective healing, empowerment and awakening.

You can explore the range & shop online and also book an Ayurvedic consultation or product chat with Lena, Integrative Ayurvedic Practitioner and creatress of EMH.

let us help you make your time here wholesome, intentional and nourishing.


*please note all offerings are subject to availability and new offerings are regularly added. Within that we do our best to your needs. - so, if an idea of an offering is hot on your heart reach out to us and we will be glad to help. :)​


Equipment available for hire

  • movie projector & screen, PA sound system (also private music concerts by Mac Diarmada) are available for hire


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